5 of the Top Health Benefits of Foam Rolling

Whether you’re an athlete or an office worker, you can benefit from the practice of foam rolling. This method of stretching has been used for years, but it’s gaining more visibility and popularity even for non-athletes or those who only work out lightly. If you’ve been wondering about the many benefits of this practice, read on and find out more about how you can improve your life by purchasing a foam roller.

Improved Circulation

While foam rolling does have quite a reputation for being painful when you first start out, there’s no better way to stretch out your tissues and allow blood to rush into areas that were previously too tight to allow blood flow. If you struggle with feelings of numbness or other signs of poor circulation, consider buying a foam roller and looking up beginner how-to videos on YouTube. The practice of foam rolling is fairly simple and straightforward, and just a few exercises can have a big impact on your circulation.

Faster Recovery Time

If you’re an athlete and you spend several hours each week performing your exercise of choice, you probably dread the feeling of deep soreness in your muscles as you recover. As we age, it becomes a bit more difficult for our bodies to recover as efficiently as they once did. If you’ve noticed that it’s taking you a while to bounce back to normal after a series of hard workouts, a foam roller has the potential to make a noticeable difference in your recovery time.

Improve Your Flexibility

Strong muscles are often tight to the touch and bound up. If you’re strong from years of working out but you’re stiff because you haven’t used proper stretching techniques, there’s no better time than the present to get on the right path. On its own or used with other stretching methods like yoga, foam rolling can help you stretch your tissues and improve your flexibility. When you have more mobility, you’ll be able to get even more out of your workouts.

Save Money

The average foam roller costs about 30 dollars, but you can find foam rollers in any price range that you wish. If you’ve always wondered about the true benefits of foam rolling, one of the big advantages is the ability to work on your muscles yourself without the need to bring in another sports professional. There are foam rolling classes available at most local gyms, and by using the ability to properly care for your muscles, you can save money on expensive sports massages while still reaping the benefits.

Feel More Comfortable

If you’re not an athlete and you sit several hours a day for work, you’re probably feeling a case of the stiff and sore muscles as well. You might think that foam rollers are just for those who engage in hard workouts, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Foam rolling can provide health benefits for everyone, even if you’ve never done a workout in your life. When you’re in pain from a long day of sitting still, start out by gently using your foam roller in a way that’s recommended for beginners.

How to Get Started

Foam rollers are available in almost every sporting goods store, and you can even find them in department stores now. When you’re ready to gain more flexibility, reduce muscle soreness, and promote good circulation, conduct a quick online search for the best foam rollers. There are sure to be a couple of high-quality foam rollers on the market to suit your needs and your budget. After you’ve chosen a foam roller, it’s time to look up a few exercises. If you learn by watching, pull up a YouTube video or drop in for a local class.

Common Foam Rolling Mistakes

Since foam rolling is enjoying massive popularity right now, you might see some misinformation on how-to videos that are meant to be informative. When you choose to use foam rolling as a form of stretching and recovery, you’ll need to keep in mind to roll slowly and deliberately. Rolling too fast can cause pain and doesn’t actually help your muscles. It’s also important to keep in mind that rolling on one area for too long can be detrimental, even if it feels good to work on a knot for an extended period of time.

Foam Rolling

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