The Power of Apple Cider Vinegar [INFOGRAPHIC]

Apple cider vinegar is an all-rounder and contains an array of natural ingredients that can have an amazingly positive impact on our health. It has been used for thousands of years to help with a wide range of ailments and it was even used in the US Civil War and World War One to treat wounds.

In the modern age, it is easy to get swept up in the latest product that is guaranteed to have a turn your health around and it can be easy to forget that sometimes the simplest and most traditional cures are the best. Apple cider vinegar contains vitamin C, B1 B2 and B6 along with an array of natural acids that can help you stay healthy.

The benefits of apple cider vinegar are extraordinary and it may even have cancer fighting properties. Of course, research in this area is at a very early stage but it is still encouraging to hear that it could have a role to play in the fight against cancer. The function of apple cider vinegar helping with weight loss is more clearly defined as vinegar can increase feelings of fullness and help people eat up to 275 calories less a day.

In everyday life apple cider vinegar has many uses. For example, apple cider vinegar is great at keeping your hair and skin healthy. Moreover, if you ever get a stomach ache apple cider vinegar can offer you some relief.

It is easy to get apple cider vinegar in to your diet. You can add it to a variety of drinks, include it in salads, or take it straight up as a shot. Why not sample the different recipes in the info-graphic to find out which you like best and experience the benefits of apple cider vinegar today.

The Power of Apple Cider Vinegar Infographic

Image Source: LakeShore

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