How to Build Muscle Fast?

There are several approaches to building muscle, some so complicated you need charts and diagrams for 3-way splits, 1-day on, 2-days off and more. But some of the best ways to build muscle fast involve the basics, train hard and eat healthy and without drugs.

1. Eat More Often

To build muscle fast, the muscles need to be nourished constantly. The best way to do this is eat a small healthy meal or snack every three hours. These 5-6 smaller meals will keep energy levels consistent. Focus on foods rich in protein, such as fish, lean meats, and eggs, complex carbohydrates such as potatoes, oatmeal, and brown rice, and omega 3 fats such as nuts, oily fish, and avocados. The “average” male who wants to build muscle fast will need to consume 3,000+ good quality calories.

2. Use Basic Multi-joint Exercises

Big movements build big muscles, isolation exercises tone muscle. Basic exercises train big muscle groups, not individual or “isolated” muscles. Focus on Squats, Chest Press, Deadlifts, Bent Over Rows, Bicep Curls and rotational exercises like Woodchoppers.

3. Use Heavy Weights and Low Reps

Your body quickly adapts to any weight you throw at it, which explains plateaus. You can bench press 145 for years and convince yourself you are challenged, but the body stopped responding and growing ages ago. Progressively increasing your workout weight forces your muscles to work harder every time you train – it’s this challenge that enables muscles to grow bigger and stronger. Lift heavy, while maintaining a good posture and technique throughout.

4. Workout Less

Training everyday does not allow your muscles to grow. Your body needs to rest and recuperate for it to grow. When you workout with weights, you cause tiny “micro” tears that require ample recuperation time to repair those fibres. This repair process is what in fact builds bigger and stronger muscles. You are forcing them by training beyond your comfort zone.

5. Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep has many benefits with regards to muscle building, sleep allows for anabolic processes to repair and rebuild the microtears in the tissues and muscle fibers. Sleep is also when anabolic hormone levels are at their highest, primarily the growth hormones that support muscle growth. Individuals who get a good 8 hours night’s rest produce and release more anabolic hormones than individuals who get 5 or 6 hours of sleep or have interrupted sleep patterns.

Eat more healthy foods and protein, train hard and heavy, but less frequently, use full body, multi-joint exercises and ensure adequate rest and sleep to give your body an extra boost for muscle gains.

How to Build Muscle Fast Infographic

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