Strengthen Your Biceps And Triceps With This Powerful Workout

This workout is focused on working the biceps and triceps. It made up of 3 supersets, each superset consisting of an exercise for the biceps and one for the triceps. It’s a higher rep range workout, so the weight will be a little normal than when you’re using the 8 – 10 rep range. Try using a mixture of 10lb, 15lb an 20lb dumbbells.

Equipment Used:

  • dumbbells – probably going to need at least 2 pairs!
  • stability ball – can be swapped for a bench
  • exercise mat – not really needed but they’re always comfy!

The Warm-Up

  • 15 push ups either on your toes, or knees – or get fancy with one of these push up variations!
  • 20 alternating reps of rotating plank

The Workout

Complete the following reps, sets and rest for each superset.

Superset #1

  • x3 sets with 45 seconds rest
  • dumbbell PULSE DIPS x15 reps
  • dumbbell seated HAMMER CURL x12 reps


  • x3 sets with 45 seconds rest
  • dumbbell SKULL CRUSHER x15 reps
  • dumbbell incline HAMMER CURL x10 reps

Superset #3

  • x3 sets with 45 seconds rest
  • dumbbell KICKBACK with 1 second pause x15 reps ( per arm )
  • dumbbell PEACHER CURL x12 reps ( per arm )

Using the stability ball for these exercises will really help get those stabilizer muscles fired up! Biceps triceps workout? More like, biceps, triceps, and core!

Especially with those incline and seated hammer curls!

Weight Training Arm Workout


Via: Lushious Lifts

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