Mushrooms Help To Reduce Hunger And Increase Feeling Of Fullness

A study on satiety shows that eating a mushroom-rich breakfast can lead to reduced hunger and an increased feeling of fullness after the mushroom breakfast in comparison to a meat-rich breakfast. Previously published research has suggested that mushrooms can be more satiating compared to meat, but this effect hadn’t been studied with protein-matched amounts. This study suggests that either replacing mushrooms for meat or substituting some of the meat with mushrooms could be both nutritionally beneficial as well as satiating.[1]

Because scientific literature has indicated protein to be the most satiating macronutrient, researchers wanted to match the protein content in the mushroom and the meat interventions for essentially controlling how protein impacted satiety. After matching the mushroom and meat by protein content, it turned out that both contained similar amounts of calories as well, which is a typical way to match interventions in studies on satiety.

This study contributes to a growing body of evidence which suggests mushrooms could assist with weight management and satiety, and therefore contribute to general wellness. Consumers are also considering the benefits of choosing protein-rich foods, and it’s important for them, especially vegetarians, to be aware that mushrooms can be satiating.

The study’s objective was to determine the differences in satiety between a 10-day consumption of 226g white button mushrooms and 28g of meat in a randomized crossover study. Study participants included 15 men and 17 women who consumed 2 helpings of meat or mushrooms for 10 days. Individuals consumed either sliced mushrooms or 93% lean/7% fat ground beef twice daily for a total of 10 days. Sizes of portions were determined by matching the same amount of protein and comparable calorie counts.

The results of the study revealed a significant satiety rating difference between the meat and mushroom consumption groups. Individuals reported increased fullness and less hunger after consuming a mushroom breakfast in comparison to a meat breakfast.


Image Source: illustratedbites

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