Research Has Found That Olive Oil Could Help to Prevent Stroke

Researchers suggest that olive oil consumption could help in preventing stroke in the elderly. The study suggests that new dietary recommendations ought to be issued for preventing stroke in individuals 65 and older. In older individuals stroke is very common and olive oil could be an easy and inexpensive way for helping with the prevention of stroke.[1]

Medical records were analyzed form 7,625 individuals aged 65 and older with no history of stroke from 3 French cities: Montpellier, Dijon and Bordeaux. Consumption of olive oil was classified as “no use,” “moderate use” or “intensive use”. An example of “moderate use” included making use of olive oil for cooking or with bread or as dressing. An example of “intensive use” included making use of olive oil for cooking as well as with bread or as dressing. Mainly extra virgin olive oil was used, as in France that’s 98% of what’s available.

There were 148 strokes after just over 5 years. After considering physical activity, diet, body mass index as well as other stroke risk factors, it was found that individuals who regularly made use of olive oil for cooking as well as dressing had a 41% lower stroke risk in comparison to individuals who never made use of olive oil in their diet.

The potentially protective effects of olive oil have been linked to several cardiovascular risk factors, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol. It’s unclear which particular olive oil elements could be protective, while olive oil’s effects might even have an indirect affect by its addition to other healthy foods.

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