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According to the NIAAA, in excess of 80,000 individuals die every year in the U.S. from alcohol-related deaths, which is the third most preventable cause of death after tobacco and physical inactivity/poor diet.[1]

There are numerous traditional and holistic ways which are used for treating alcohol dependence or abuse. Kudzu root extract has long been believed to be an alcoholism remedy. Extract of Kudzu root has been widely used in China for reducing, but not eliminating, alcohol dependence and consumption.

Kudzu root has been around for hundreds of years for treating hangovers, alcohol intoxication, and other alcohol related problems. The mechanism of action for kudzu root extract is still poorly understood. A possibility is by means of biologically active molecules contained within the extract known as isoflavones, which can affect physiology. Preclinical animal studies have shown a reduction in alcohol consumption when with kudzu root isoflavone treatment.

How extract of kudzu affects different behavioural, physical, and cognitive features was observed in 12 women and men in a placebo-controlled study.[2] The individuals were treated either with a placebo or kudzu for 9 days, and then were given a high or medium alcohol challenge to find out how prominently alcohol related symptoms were presented.

The results revealed that pre-treatment with extract of kudzu root had virtually no effect on the physical, behavioral or cognitive performance of the individual. It was however noted that kudzu treatment resulted in an increase in skin temperature, heart rate, and blood ethanol levels. The hypothesis was that blood ethanol level increases could translate into an increase in effects from the 1st alcoholic drink and delay subsequent drink desire.

In the event that alcohol gets to the brain sooner, individuals quite possibly stop drinking sooner or drink less since they reach the desired intoxication level sooner, having less alcohol.

Kudzu Root Extract As An Alcoholism Remedy

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