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Daily chronic pain hurts more than your body – it prevents you from keeping fit with exercise; it saps away your happiness and damages relationships; it drains your energy and leaves you tired throughout the day. And if all this wasn’t enough, chronic pain is often not linked to a specific diagnosis, leaving you with few medical options.

Many people in this situation resort to making over-the-counter medications a daily part of their diet, but how does this affect their health? Despite being available to purchase without a prescription, painkillers are nonetheless powerful medications that can lead to serious long-term medical issues.

It seems like there is nowhere to turn – but, the answer may be found in natural medicine. The field of medical professionals specializing in natural medicinal techniques is larger than you may think – and one of its most prominent naturopathic doctors and nutraceuticals product developers isBrazos Minshew.  An expert in pain management, Brazos Minshew works with and lectures to clinics and medical institutions throughout the world.

Brazos has spent the past several years studying the role plants play as effective pain relief remedies – and, in fact, have played over the many centuries.  While cannabis has burgeoned as a medicinal form used to combat pain, there are many who are reluctant to embrace medical marijuana. As a result, Minshew has devoted himself to researching the question, can there be cannabis-like pain relief without the cannabis?

Throughout the centuries, plants have been used to treat pain.  For example, white willow bark led to the discovery of aspirin and poppies led to the discovery of morphine.  Minshew’s focus on the connection between plants and pain ultimately led him to develop Comfort! a breakthrough nutraceutical combining traditional non-cannabis plant-based remedies to safely and effectively address occasional pain.

It is true that what we ingest can impact how we feel pain – but, we don’t always have to turn to medication. Sometimes, the most effective ingredients can be found in our kitchen cabinet. For example, turmeric, ginger and cayenne pepper are among the most potent natural pain remedies and when combined can rival pharmaceutical drugs like ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

However, how much are we supposed to take and is it possible to have too much? Are there any side effects? Do these ingredients need to be prepared in a special way? Dr. Minshew understands that it’s not enough to simply tell people the names of the available remedies and expect them to figure out these answers on their own.

That is why Brazos Minshew created Comfort!,his all-new health supplement that takes the stress out of bringing natural ingredients into your diet. Comfort! combines the previously discussed turmeric, ginger and cayenne pepper with additional elements like galangal plant root and Indian frankincense to create a concentrated and potent natural formula.

The recent discovery of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and the way cannabis reduces occasional pain opened our horizon to discover many other plants that behave like cannabis. For example, ginger, turmeric, red pepper and frankincense all activate the ECS and reduce occasional pain in their own, unique way. Hops, the secret ingredient in beer, relaxes muscles and improves sleep.  Then there’s chocolate, which improves our mood by activation of the ECS while also supports healthy blood pressure and a healthy cardiovascular system.

Safe for daily intake, Comfort! replaces the too-powerful medications that can harm your body beyond the pain you’re experiencing. With identifiable ingredients and no “small text” warning about adverse effects, Comfort! can help us live the life we deserve.

The result is a breakthrough option in pain relief and management – yet at the same time, it’s an option that’s very old.

To learn more about Comfort! and the science behind its breakthrough formula, visit– and put a little Comfort! into your life.

Brazos Minshew

Brazos Minshew, Naturopathic Doctor and Developer of Comfort!

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