How Helpful Are Apples for Weight Loss?

Apples  are an excellent source of pectin, a soluble fiber found in some fruits. Pectin containing fruits such as apples are good weight loss foods because they promote satiation (feeling of fullness), regulate the body’s use of sugar (fluctuating blood-sugar increases insulin, higher insulin levels increase body fat), delay the digestion and absorption of macronutrients and enhances the secretion of digestive enzymes. Apple juice is not effective as a large percentage of pectin is removed when apples are processed into apple juice.

Apples are low in calories and together with the dietary fiber content make them an excellent snack for curbing appetite. The research evidence that consumption of dietary fiber helps prevent obesity is strong and the latest long term research has proved the value of dietary fiber as an addition to regular dietary therapy for obesity.  Fiber intake is inversely linked to body weight as well as body fat. Also, consumption of dietary fiber is inversely linked to body mass index at every level of fat intake after taking all variables into account. Adding dietary fiber typically decreases food consumption and, thus, body weight.

Researchers have found that adults who eat apples have smaller waistlines that indicate less belly fat, lower blood pressure and a reduced risk for developing metabolic syndrome.[1]

In a 12 week study of 51 overweight women that randomly received one of three dietary supplements: pears, apples or oat cookies. They were told to eat one supplement 3 times daily in a total of 6 meals daily. After the 12 weeks, the fruit group lost 1.22 kg while the oat group had a non significant weight loss of 0.88 kg. The study results confirmed the benefits of apples for weight loss.[2]

An Apple a Day Infographic

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