Rosemary Extract Beverage Can Help To Improve Memory (STUDY)

Research shows that memory and cognitive performance can be improved by as much as 15% by drinking a rosemary extract beverage. The experiment made use of a commercially available rosemary extract beverage called “No1 Rosemary Water”, an additive free spring water and concentrated rosemary extract combination. Only fresh rosemary was made use of and not dried, and it was cold brewed to ensure that all of the natural active compounds were extracted.1✅ JOURNAL REFERENCE
DOI: 10.1177/0269881118798339

This research expands on earlier studies that show the benefits of rosemary in improving memory function. A number of tests for measuring cognitive performance that focused on memory were carried out by the researchers.

The tests were created for evaluating the capability of the study participants to retain as well as manipulate information. Over several tests, the participants drinking rosemary extract saw a marked improvement in the ability for recalling information and completing cognitive tasks.

The study participants in the test group were provided 250ml of the concentrated rosemary extract. Twenty minutes after drinking the rosemary extract, the test group had their brain blood flow measured while carrying out the tasks to evaluate how effectively the body was extracting energy in comparison to the control group.

Individuals consuming rosemary extract experienced an average 15% increase in cognitive performance in addition to an increase in deoxygenated red blood cell levels flowing through the brain. This suggests that the brain is extracting the energy it needs to perform the task more effectively.

Summary of findings:

  • Improved blood flow to the brain – statistically significant increased levels of deoxygenated blood was seen in the brain in comparison to placebo group, which indicates improved oxygen extraction while performing cognitive tasks. This is the 1st evidence that ingesting rosemary has cerebrovascular benefits.
  • Improved long-term memory and working memory – an average improvement of 15% was seen in a series of memory tasks in the test group in comparison to placebo group. The study results support the existing body of evidence for the potential rosemary has for the improvement of some aspects of cognitive functioning which are memory-based.

This study adds to a collection of previously conducted research indicating that rosemary provides a variety of potential health promoting uses.

It’s believed the rosmarinic acid and 1,8-cineole which are found in rosemary extract could contribute to improved cognitive performance.

Rosemary has been renowned throughout history for its therapeutic properties and its memory improving ability. Its power and benefits are widely acknowledged from the latter day alchemists to modern day aromatherapy practitioners.

Rosemary Extract

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