Do You Really Trust Monsanto to Provide the Planet With Healthy Food?

The company who is responsible for DDT, PCBs, Agent Orange, and aspartame, is also responsible for the majority of GMO crops which feed much of the world, perhaps it’s time to be concerned. Do you really a trust a company with a track record like Monsanto’s to provide the planet with healthy food?

Here are the 5 most insidious Monsanto inventions:

Saccharin ~ Introduced to our food supply in 1901…questioned by the FDA scientists in 1907. Found to cause cancer in lab rats in the 1970’s, consequently the FDA imposed a warning label on saccharin products but after a 3-decade long effort bt Monsanto to reverse this ruling, in 2001 they won and American consumers lost.  Today, there is no warning whatsoever on products containing this poison.

Polystyrene (a.k.a. Styrofoam) ~ an environmental disaster which has been releasing cancer-causing benzene into our environment for over 60 years, in greater and greater amounts…non of this noxious plastic will breakdown and will continue to poison our planet, soil & water supply forever.

Agent Orange ~ One of the most infamous, potent chemical cocktails ever invented, described as “perhaps the most toxic molecules ever synthesized by man.” About 12 million gallons were dumped over Vietnam during a 9-year period, leading to 400,000 deaths & disfigurements and 500,000 babies born with birth defects.

Bovine Growth Hormone ~ the U.S. and Brazil are the ONLY developed nations that permit the sale of milk from cows given this artificial growth hormone. The rest of the developed world has banned the use of this chemical in milk destined for human consumption because such milk shows high levels of cancer-causing hormones and lower nutritional value.  WHO would consciously choose to feed this to themselves or their families?!

Genetically-Modified Seeds ~ known as suicide seeds, Monsanto invented these in the 80’s and has backed it with multimillion-dollar marketing & advertising campaigns.

Genetically Modified Organisms Infographic

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