Trenta Sized Starbuck’s Lemonade Could Include 21 Teaspoons of Sugar

A Starbucks “Trenta,” their mega-sized 31-ounce drink, joins the ranks of other beverages which packs lots of caffeine and calories. According to a nutrition expert, Americans need to be careful of extra calories and sugar in the pursuit of bigger, bolder beverages.

The sheer size of energy drinks and coffee will increase consumers’ likelihood of unhealthy calorie and sugar consumption. A Starbuck’s ‘Trenta’ size lemonade can quite possibly contain twenty one teaspoons of sugar, a lot more than ought to be consumed at one time, or in a single day.

Excessive sugar is typical in a lot of prepared drinks. Individuals who consume beverages with added sugars take in more total calories, and research has determined that consuming sweetened drinks is associated with weight gain.

According to health experts, moderate intake of coffee as well as other caffeinated drinks isn’t likely to do harm, but large amounts greater than 500 mg, or more than 4 cups of coffee, could lead to irritability, difficulty sleeping, restlessness, irregular heartbeat and stomach problems. Particularly of concern is caffeine consumption in kids and adolescents.

It’s all about moderation, coffee and energy drinks are controlled by the same nutrition rules as other drinks and foods. Ideally, it’s better to steer clear of drinking calories, as beverages leave you less full than solid foods. By consuming calories in the form of high-sugar, high-calorie drinks, individuals neglect other nutritious foods. However, as with any indulgence, it’s okay to order a ‘Trenta’ drink on occasion.

Sweet Tooth Infographic

Sweet Tooth Infographic

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