Improve Your Sexual Experience – How Can You Last Longer?

Sexual pleasure is best when it is shared.

If you last longer, you and your partner will both gain more pleasure from the experience. Better sex leads to deeper relationships.

If you often ejaculate too soon after penetration, you may suffer from premature ejaculation. It’s not life-threatening, but it can threaten your relationship.

How soon is ‘too soon’? That depends. If both partners are satisfied sexually, then it’s not a problem. If the female partner is often left hanging then it is a problem that you need to solve as a couple.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Every couple has problems sometimes.

Isn’t premature ejaculation a male problem? No, it’s about synchronizing male and female sexual stimulation. Sometimes a man has to slow down to match his female partner’s stimulation level.

Teenage boys might ejaculate before they have their pants off, but there are other levels of premature ejaculation ranging from ejaculating immediately on sexual contact to ejaculating after ten or fifteen minutes of penis/vaginal thrusting.

If either partner thinks there is a problem, there IS a problem.

You are NEVER alone in suffering from premature ejaculation:about 30% – 40% of couples have a problem with the male orgasm coming too soon after vaginal penetration. AND, it’s not just teenagers either; it is a problem couples of all ages have.

Treatment Options

You might be reluctant to discuss a personal issue like fast ejaculation with your doctor.

Relax; he or she has heard it all before. You wouldn’t let your car go without a service if it was not working as you wanted: Your body is more important. Talk to your doctor because sometimes physical causes such as high testosterone levels or prostate problems can show themselves by causing a lack of ejaculatory control.

Your medical professional will probably suggest you use a topical spray on your penis before any sexual activity. You just spray your glans and the underside of your penis, wait fifteen minutes for your skin to absorb the product and you are ready to go. Wipe the skin with a damp cloth if you expect to engage in oral sex, that way your partner won’t complain about the taste or receive any unintended transfer of the medication.

You can start by trying an anti ejaculation control spray over the counter or online without seeing a doctor. These sprays are often local anesthetics containing lidocaineand act by making your penis less sensitive, and thus making you last longer during intercourse, while still leaving plenty of feeling to ensure sex is still enjoyable.

There are systemic medications available as a second-line option, but these are best kept in reserve because you don’t want to put more drugs into your bloodstream than you absolutely have to.

Effects of Premature Ejaculation

If you are unhappy with your sexual performance then you might avoid situations that lead to sex, plead tiredness when your partner expresses a desire for intercourse, or even become angry and depressed.

If your partner is dissatisfied and not gaining sexual relief from intercourse then your relationship will start to go downhill.

Premature Ejaculation Myths

It’s all in the mind–It isn’t. Sex is a mental activity as much as physical, but ejaculatory control needs more than thinking of something boring while you are making love.

You are what you eat – Blueberries, broccoli and salmon are definitely great for your health, but won’t help you synchronize your orgasm with your partner’s.

Get wasted – Yes, a drink or two might help delay your orgasm, but it might also send you to sleep before you get around to the final act.

The Short Version

In an ideal world, both sexual partners are fulfilled after the act. Intercourse ends when the male ejaculates and loses his erection and if the female is not satisfied at this point then there is obviously a problem.

The best solution to this issue is for the male to last longer, giving both parties more satisfaction, and improving the relationship.

You can extend your post-penetration staying power without taking oral medications or doctors’ visits: you just need to use a spray or rub-on. It works by slightly de-sensitizing the most nerve-filled your penis, prolonging the stimulation time needed to cause ejaculation.

Premature Ejaculation

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