20 Happiness Hacks That Will Help Improve Your Life

8. Socializing/ interaction with others

Humans are social beings. We thrive on our social interactions and our views about ourselves, the world and the future rely heavily upon socialization and interaction. Our experiences shape us and how we view the world. It is highly important to socialize.

A lot of people do struggle with socializing, we do have social anxiety disorder and agoraphobia and it can be very hard to achieve personal accomplishments if we aren’t able to interact with others.[6]

What can I do? Try to participate in more social activities, be it book clubs or just walking around the park. If you are scared of communicating, these activities might be hard for you. Try to desensitize yourself to them by starting small and building up to a full interaction. There are many ways to socialize in the modern world, so find one that is the easiest for you and start there. Step-by-step you will see yourself improving and being able to interact on a daily basis.


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