Research Has Found Prehypertension Can Increase Risk of Stroke

According to experts, individuals with prehypertension have got a 55 % greater risk of having a future stroke than those without. Prehypertension is a clinical class formed by experts in 2003 to identify people whose blood pressure was raised, yet still regarded as inside normal range. Hypertension or high blood pressure is a huge risk factor for heart disease as well as strokes, but a lot less is known regarding the health threat of prehypertension, that is classified by a systolic blood pressure reading which is between 120 and 139 mmHg and a diastolic blood pressure reading which is between 80 and 89 mm Hg.

The researchers reasoned that, in most cases, the higher the blood pressure, the higher the chance of disease and death, quite possibly beginning from inside the normal blood range. They uncovered 12 relevant studies of prehypertension. The frequency of prehypertension from the studies ranged from 25 to 46 %. In the U . S ., it’s estimated around one-third of people have prehypertension. On the whole, those who had prehypertension  were at a 55 % higher risk of having a future stroke compared to those not having prehypertension.[1]

The health risk was greater for people whose blood pressure ranges were in the high end of the “normal” spectrum. The researchers found that individuals who fell inside the higher range of prehypertension had 79 % higher risk of having a future stroke.

In the past, the blood pressure range seen as increasing cardiovascular risk and stroke has been reduced. These days anything which is above 115 is believed to raise risk.

There is little scientific evidence to indicate that using blood pressure-reducing meds can prevent future strokes.  However, the  results should motivate people with prehypertension to modify unhealthy habits.

Young and middle-aged people ought to check their blood pressure on a regular basis. If they do fit in the higher range of prehypertension, they ought to take certain steps to change their lifestyle, for example reducing salt intake and keeping a normal weight.

Women Have A Higher Risk Of Stroke Infographic

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