10 Proven Habits of Happy People

Happiness is one of those things in life that we’re constantly on the lookout for. We strive to be happy people, but sometimes life can get in the way. Our daily stresses, our different environments and situations we may come across can all impact our ability to be happy. So how do we become a happy person, despite all of our obstacles? Here are 10 scientifically proven habits of happy people.

1. Happy people know that happiness is a choice and can be pursued

Although there is evidence showing associations between happiness and genetics, there is no single “happiness” gene.[1] There’s nothing written in our genes saying that we have a limited amount of happiness in our lifetime. We all have the ability to be happy, and choosing to be and actually pursuing it can help make a happy person.

What can you do? Make the effort to monitor your mind. Watch for negative thoughts or feelings, such as anger, resentment, or bitterness. Work through these emotions in healthy ways, so that it isn’t a roadblock in your pursuit of happiness.

Happiness Is A Choice

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