10 Proven Ways to Help Improve Your Mental Health

4. Exercise regularly to help improve your mental health

Exercise is not only extremely helpful for the body and staying in shape, but it is also important for releasing stress and tension. Working out regularly has its benefits such as improving your mood, increasing your energy levels, heightens your sense of well being and reduces anxiety. Similar to the effect of morphine, the body will naturally release chemicals throughout the body called “Endorphins” when the body is subjected to the strain of physical activity.

Endorphins connect with the receptors in our brains, thus reducing the body’s sensitivity to pain. The chemical is known to cause a feeling of “euphoria” which is why working out regularly is definitely a proven method for dealing with stress and improving your mental health.[4]

What to do:

  1. Engage in any physical activity of your choice, 3 times a week at minimum
  2. Maintain the workout session for at least 15 minutes to increase heart rate
  3. Pace yourself during a work out to minimize injuries, increase your load as you improve
  4. Take breaks as often as you need them to give the body chance to recover
  5. Keep hydrated when working out

Exercise and mental health

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