10 Proven Ways to Help Improve Your Mental Health

8. Set long term goals to help improve your mental health

As with short term goals, setting a long term goal will give you something to be optimistic about and to look forward to. One of the reasons why it may be hard to get rid of a negative mindset is because it’s all we think about. We have to give ourselves something to get excited about, preferably something that we actually want to do and have a passion for.

When setting long term goals, short term goals keep us motivated and build the confidence in believing that our long term goal is possible, but the long term goal or “The Big Picture” is what keeps everything in perspective. Even after achieving short term goals in the meanwhile, having the long term goal in the forefront of our mind gives a sense of purpose.

What to do:

  • Choose something that you love and that gets you excited
  • Break the goal down in to small tasks or short term goals
  • While focusing on one task at a time, always keep the long term goal in mind
  • Set yourself a time deadline and stick to it no matter what
  • Never deviate from the goal, but be flexible in your methods as mistakes do happen
Set Long Term Goals To Help Improve Your Mental Health

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