10 Proven Ways to Help Improve Your Mental Health

6. Get a good night’s sleep to help improve your mental health

Today more than ever, getting enough sleep to be sufficiently rested is almost unheard of. Social media, watching television right before going to bed, mulling over the day’s events, worrying about the affairs of tomorrow and stressing over factors that are outside of our control, are contributing factors to not getting a good night’s sleep.

Not getting enough sleep can disrupt the minds’ natural function of compartmentalizing and solving many of our problems that clutter our mind. Notice that the issues that are at the forefront of your mind seem to make more sense, if they even still matter at all, after you wake up after being fully rested. The mind, although operating under reduced activity, sorts everything out while you are sleep, so that you can go into the next day with more clarity.[6]

What to do:

  • Remove all electronics from your sleeping space that may emit electromagnetic waves
  • Make sure your room is clean to minimize the build up negative energy
  • Read a calming book to redirect your thoughts
  • Don’t go to bed hungry but don’t eat anything that can result in an insulin spike
  • With your eyes closed, lying down comfortably, focus only on your breathing


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