10 Proven Ways to Help Improve Your Mental Health

5. Read uplifting books to help improve your mental health

A good book is a powerful tool for taking our minds off the events of the day and other things that may be troubling us. Reading is to the mind what working out is to the body. When negative thoughts arise or when negative situations bear down on us, we have to be strong enough to engage those thoughts and feelings, in order to redirect our thoughts to more positive constructive ones.

Reading helps in the sense to where we learn to focus on the image that the words on the pages create for us. When we read, we train our minds to create a mental image that we choose to get lost in. The way we change the negative thoughts that stress us out, is by focusing on positive thoughts that make us happy.[5]

What to do:

  • Find a good book of your choice, along the lines of uplifting fiction or self help
  • Find a place absent of clutter and distractions where you can read undisturbed
  • Take breaks often to reflect on what you have read
  • Make a note any significant thoughts that came to mind while you were reading
  • If you can, re-read a chapter or two a day to process what you previously read
Reading Helps Improve Your Mental Health

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