10 Proven Ways To Help You Be More Positive

2. Meditation improves positivity

The effects of meditation correlate with being more positive. It was recently thought that this method was only a short-term solution. It has now been found that meditation can help you achieve a long-term positive outlook on life. A study has proven that mindfulness meditation can help shape a more positive self-concept.[2] It helps to achieve the changes that allow us to be more positive. The concept behind its teachings is to not be judgmental either positive or negative. The idea is just to be aware of the moment, so you become aware of touch, smell, and other sensations which bring you a happy feeling. All these feelings can carry over into daily life, where it allows us to see situations much more clearly.

What to do: Simple meditation at home can help if you are starting out as a beginner, so find a place to relax. Sit down, closing your eyes and be aware of breathing in and breathing out. Should your mind wander, just push the focus back to your breathing. Just 20 minutes per day can give a relaxing, positive effect.

Meditation Improves Positivity

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