CrossFitters Adopt CBDMEDIC For Muscle Recovery

Any workout is going to benefit greatly from sufficient rest and recovery after the actual exercise is complete. Post-workout routines have an incredible impact on the efficiency of your workouts, and will help any athlete make big gains and improve their performance. Unfortunately, most people don’t have post-exercise recovery plans.

CBD started gaining traction in the US in recent times and now with the clearance of 2018 Farm Bill, the popularity is at a new ‘high.’ CBD is a non-psychoactive compound derived from cannabis that has found its way in all types of consumer products – from muscle rubs to, more recently, sports supplements. Active Sport products from CBDMEDIC, have found a particular liking among workout fanatics as a method of pain relief. CBDMEDIC’s breakthrough was developing a proprietary method for making ointments and creams with naturally-derived pain-relieving ingredients.

Any post-workout recovery plan is going to feature three dominant elements:

  • Pain relief
  • Rest
  • Nutrition

Other factors like stretching and taking a bath have varied results among different groups of individuals. Stretching, for example, will be a lot more beneficial for building muscle after weight lifting than it will in, say, runners, for improving performance.

Nutrition is almost wholly dependent on the individual athlete’s workout. Bodybuilders are advised to chug post-workout shakes while people involved in less intensive exercises are simply advised to use foods rich in potassium, for example.

Are all CBDMEDIC products perfectly safe?

One factor that has really helped CBDMEDIC rise to the kinds of popularity it enjoys today is the fact that it has no THC component. In layman terms, it doesn’t get you high and won’t show up in drug tests. Some of the benefits that have made CBDMEDIC so popular include its ability to reduce inflammation, provide fast-acting and long-lasting pain relief from minor aches, bruises, and sprains.

CBDMEDIC’s popularity has also been contributed to due to its ability to ensure long-lasting pain relief from joint pains usually associated with different kinds of exercise. Even more propitious is the fact that it helps with preventing unexpected muscle strains if taken before workouts. This leads to increased comfort and better flexibility during routines.


CBDMEDIC is FDA registered

The main disadvantage of any open market is that a lack of regulations will always lead to a proliferation of low-quality products. The CBD based products market is no exception to this universal rule. The problem is worst experienced with products on the internet.

The FDA has always been the foremost authority when it comes to ensuring both efficacy and safety of consumer products. As such, the most common and most reliable way to measure quality has always been to look for the ‘FDA Registered’ logo.

The Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) is a set of regulations they enforce to ensure proper design, monitoring and control of various processes within manufacturing plants and facilities.

This makes CBDMEDIC a popular medication that CrossFitters in particular have been known to use. Unlike most other products marketed online, CBDMEDIC is an FDA-registered Over the Counter (OTC) topical medication produced in a CGMP audited facility to ensure top quality.

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