10 Proven and Easy Ways to Help Cut Calorie Intake

To lose or manage weight, we need to use more calories than we consume. In other words, we need to create a calorie deficit, and every calorie that we manage to save helps us create that deficit. Approximately one pound can be lost in a week with a daily deficit of 500 calories a day.

Here are 10 easy methods that can be implemented into your daily routine that will help cut your calorie intake.

1. Eating home cooked meals is a proven way to help cut calorie intake

Home cooked meals can help you to cut calorie intake. A study revealed that cooking dinner at home six or seven nights a week resulted in an intake of 150 calories less a day in comparison to cooking at home once a week or less. Home cooked dinners are also associated with the consumption of healthier foods.[1]

homemade soups

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