10 Proven Methods to Help in Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety is a problem that many of us have to deal with every day which affects many aspects of our lives. Anxiety can limit your life in many ways, so finding practices that can help reduce anxiety and get it under control can have a lot of benefits. There are many strategies out there, but we will be focusing on those that are backed up by scientific evidence. Let’s take a look at 10 proven methods you can use for overcoming anxiety.

1. Music can help in overcoming anxiety

Music can have a calming effect. Many studies show that listening to relaxing music can help reduce anxiety, improve mood, and increase positive emotions. Music is an easy and accessible way to manage anxiety.[1]

What to do: Compile a playlist of enjoyable and relaxing music and make listening to it a part of your daily routine. Listening to relaxing music even 20 minutes a day has been associated with an improvement in anxiety. You can also try playing a musical instrument.


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