10 Proven Ways How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

While exercise combined with healthy eating choices is the most effective for weight loss, there are ways that require little effort that can help you to lose weight without exercising and dieting. Here are 10 proven ways how to lose weight with no exercise:

1. Use smaller plates to help lose weight without exercise

Dinner plate sizes have increased on average by 23% since 1900.[1] Using bigger plates can result in you serving 9% to 31% bigger portions than you usually would.[2] Larger portions encourage you to eat more, and will inevitably lead to an increase in weight gain.

In one study, participants who were offered a larger portion increased their calorie intake by 30% compared to those offered a smaller portion.[3]

If the plate or bowl size encourages you to eat only 50 more calories a day, your increase in weight would be about 5 pounds a year.

What can you do? Invest in smaller plates and either get rid of all bigger plates and bowls or store them so that they cannot be used. Use disposable portion control plates for eating on the go

Portion Sizes Drive Consumption Infographic

Image Source – mikebloomberg

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