10 Proven Ways to Improve Self Esteem

10. Learning a new skill is a proven way to improve your self esteem

Trying new activities and challenging yourself can be great for your self-esteem.[6] If you’re able to see little achievements and progress, you’ll see hope and want to continue. But remember, you have to acknowledge when you achieve these little goals!

What can you do: Sign up for classes. Maybe you want to learn the piano, or you want to play some kind of sport (which will improve your health, well-being, and body image), or pick up that old hobby again.

Learning A New Skill Is A Proven Way To Improve Your Self Esteem

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Andrea Garcia is an author and psychologist at CogniFit, a major vendor in psychological assessment batteries. Andrea is continuing her studies as a sexologist and psychologist, and she enjoys helping people improve quality of life through clinical practice and communication.
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